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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Workin' it (part 2)

Um, yeah. I may have jinxed it. A single white envelope and bamm, my current job is mine no more. Or it won't be from October onward. "We thank you for...and wish you the best in your future..." I had to sit down for a bit, I can't lie. Right there, in the post office.

The person I replaced is coming back, and there's no need for an extra person, so thankfully it's not a lay off out of discontent with my work. Which doesn't change the fact that in a few weeks, I won't be walkin ginto this office anymore. The prospect of - for whatever amount of time - being out of work (I refuse to call it "in between jobs". When you slip off a chair you're not "in between altitudes", you just fell on your ass) is very dual.
Cons: not having a job. Or an income. Feeling guilty, lazy and inadequate. Getting frustrated reading job postings with less energy & spirit than Britney at the VMA's (seriously, sleepwalk much?)
Pros: my first days off since, oh, August 2006. No more bus rides, doing my make-up in a bathroom stall and having breakfast in the elevator. Time to travel and finally get my driver's license (ha!). And the opportunity to find a new job, somewhere else. Something that relates more to what I studied, or is even further removed. Something closer to home or way out there. Something deeply serious or only-acceptable-when-you're-under-25. I have no family to support, no loans breathing down my neck, little reason to worry. So you know what, October? Try me.


Blogger akd said...

you go girl.
for a brief moment i was sad for you, but now i'm excited!
just means you'll hafto ask cute boy on the 5th floor out before you leave.
tough life.

11:06 PM  

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