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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Workin' it

Just as I had hoped, I'm fully digging the working life. I don't write about it much here, because I wouldn't be the first person to get in trouble for blogging about their boss's weird mole, coworkers' BO or absurd company policy. Not that I have much to complain about. The fact that, a good couple of months in, I still don't groan when I hear my alarm clock in the mornings, is nothing short of stupefying. I just think "The sooner I get to work, the sooner I get to breeze into the coffee room and maybe hopefully bump into that cute guy who works on the 5th floor" and hop to it. I realize I'm still in the early stages and nowhere near what can be called a "career", hey, it could all be over before I know it, but I'm taking it day by day - tackling new assignments and old routines as I see fit.

Equally satisfying: the "After Hours" part. Having my nights & weekends wide open to go on day trips, get back into old interests (I signed up for music lessons & met my teacher last night, she seems great. Lovely eyes too, which I'm sure will swiftly go from kind to empty with despair and panic when she realizes how little I remember about scales, chords and basic musical theory), take up new ones (cliffhanger!), spend time with good people and go out to restaurants. Like last night, when Stijn and I hit up an amazing Italian place (the garlic/scampi aroma of my main course was so strong it completely infused the outift I was going to wear to work again today. Harsh wake up call on an empty stomach this morning.)

Stijn was probably the first of my same-age friends to start work. After hearing time and again that university is the best time of your life and you should milk it as much as you can, I think we weren't all that convinced of the sense of his choice. No extra degree? Even though you can afford it? Why would you do that? How are you even going to find a job?
Not surprisingly to me, he's done phenomenally well and is perfectly happy in his current position. When you're on a roll professionally, it's such a satisfying feeling. There are methods & procedures to learn, people & deadlines to meet, money & changes to be made. I would love to keep moving forward the way he does - figuring out my strenghts and playing off of them. Rewarding those who trust me to get something done. Rising up to the challenge. With the occasional plate of late night pasta.


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