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Monday, October 29, 2007


I had hoped that the “Project Bxl” thread would become a long account of my brave quest for an affordable room (I’ve already learned that “cuisine américaine” means no kitchen at all) and decent roommates. You know, I’d meet some loveable new age nutjobs (scented candles, soy milk, bake your own bread, non-ironic tie-dye clothes), some überstrict overly intense people, some living dead (“He’s had three different roommates in the past year and I have reason to believe they all died of BOREDOM and he KILLED them with his BORINGNESS and now they are DEAD because of it. And friggin bored”) and, like dates, it would be either a good time or a good story. And eventually, I would stumble upon the perfect little abode - something colourful and warm I would enjoy coming home to every night.

However, it looks as though the Proj Brux is on hold. Already. Instead, I’ll be staying where I am (different neighborhood, same town) for a little while longer and I feel really good about that. The moving card is still on the table, but if and when I play it, it'll be for the right reasons.

Een grap is leuk
Als je `m helemaal niet verwacht
Ellende kun je hebben
Als je er eigenlijk om lacht
Verdriet is best te dragen
Als je `t eerst zelf hebt bedacht
De blues is echt te gek
Als er iemand op je wacht


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