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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Life is music, eh? (4)

Yesterday night was phenomenal. After a quick dinner with my bestest colleague, I hopped on the bus heading towards downtown Brussels. I fell down in a seat next to a blonde guy, about my age, rubbed my hands together and breathed on them to warm up. "That cold, huh?". A simple phrase that went straight into a 20 minute conversation about coldness and moving and our jobs and choosing kitchens (he did say "We just bought an appartment"...) and the Feist gig I was on my way to see. He raved about an artist named Mocky who did a duet with Feist a while back - I totally should have asked him to come, shouldn't I? Sure, it was sold out but there were scalpers all over, he could have scored a ticket. Instead, he told me at which stop to get off and we waved at each other through the window. I don't even know his name...Just where he works (the biggest building in town. Great lead)

I found the Cirque Royal easily (just follow everyone you see with bangs who's wearing lots of black, skinny jeans and flats/wrinkly boots. Damn. I'm such a stereotype), found my friends and ran into more people I didn't even know were coming. It's funny how the Brussels crowd has such a defined "look" to them...I have to move to a new place in February, and am seriously considering switching cities. I think I could live in our little capital - and more importantly, I think that I should. Mix things up a bit, you know, challenge myself. I don't have a big social network there just yet, but should that stop me? Would I lose my Leuven circle?

Opening the show was a pianist from Paris called Chilly Gonzalez.
He's all over YouTube, if anyone wants to check him out. Very interesting guy - first time I'd seen anyone play the piano with gloves on - with hilarious French humor, and undoubtedly talented as hell. He entertained the crowd like a pro, and as much as I hate being asked to clap or sing along he actually pulled it off. Feist was brilliant as ever - she sounds even better live and her songs brought back so many good Toronto vibes. Let it die, My moon my man, 1234, Mushaboom, One Evening, Inside and Out, So sorry, Sealion woman, Honey Honey, Intuition...very satisfying. And to see that woman rock out on her guitar makes me want to have her babies. I don't have any big musical plans, but I've taken up my own guitar again. I played for years and years, got deeply sick of it, quit, left my guitar in a corner for a good 4 years - I know - but I think I'm ready for it now. I took it to the store for a brand new set of strings and I've been playing around with it. There's more left in my fingertips than I expected, and knowing there's no homework or exams to work towards, but only my own ears & impulses really changes the picture. We'll see where it takes me...


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