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Friday, October 05, 2007

Start again

I had lunch outside today, wrapped up in a cosy woollen sweater. Blue sky, deep red leaves twirling down onto the table, a picture perfect Saturday. I've always been a big fan of fall/autumn and I'm fortunate enough to live in a town that counter-hibernates. October is the month the streets fill up with people, with life. And I couldn't be happier about that. On Thursday night I caught my acting/directing friend Thomas in "Deze beweging wordt vaak niet meer gebruikt" in Tweebronnen. Very cleverly done. We all went down to the bar afterwards where I ran into entirely too many people, stayed way too late, screamed out conversations over the loud music, ended up smoking a cigar and woke up voiceless.

Friday night, I had dinner with a friend who's been abroad for over a year. We tried a new Vietnamese restaurant, filled each other in on the big events of the past 14 months or so and then saw "Het was zonder twijfel een ongeluk", a theatre monologue about a woman who stands by dumbly while her husband seduces a young girl.

It's been a week and weekend of gentle thrills & simple pleasures. Smiling friends, warm hugs, hilarious coworkers, kind gestures. I don't know where things are going or whether I'm handling life the way I should be, I don't know if I deserve all I have and have all I deserve. It could all fall apart with a few gusts of wind, but for now, I cherish it.


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Thank you for reminding me about the pleasure in simple pleasures.

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