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Thursday, August 30, 2007

People watching

Moving through the throngs of passengers-to-be in a train station in Brussels or watching Antwerp from a street car window (just the other night I saw one girl hold on to another by her long hair and knee her in the face repeatedly, until a third girl intervened and started cussing her out. Scene of the crime: het Plein voor Verdraagzaamheid, aka "Tolerance Square". Classic.) I am always fascinated by people going about their daily business. Especially in an uncoordinated cosmopolitan mess of tired faces and eclectic styles.
I was bussing it through Saint Josse yesterday, a suburb of Brussels, and in front of a Polish "Sklep" (which, I take it, means "store"?) four men wearing scuffy jeans, work boots and t-shirts with a picture of a teddy bear and the words "Don't forget Beslan" were standing around, having a drink. A man walked past them wearing a worn down greyish suit and a black top hat. Just like that. I wish I could have captured their tough guy "are you seeing this douche?" smirks, too funny.

For more "are they serious?", take a look at: (NYC's most trendy), (always at least a year ahead fashion wise), (A Finnish blog - a girl I went to school with actually just left for Helsinki, wonder how much of the local style she'll take on during her exchange year. Knowing her, a hell of a lot) and the alma mater


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