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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hi, I'll be yours today

About a week ago, I gave my very first tour. The sun was out, I had a nice group of visitors - including two supportive spies in the back - I welcomed, walked and talked and was thanked at the end with sincere appreciation. One woman especially hit it out of the park by suggesting I become a radio show host. Lady, if you read this, you made my month.
Turns out I like to make myself useful. I spent all day at work yesterday meeting new people, taking them to where they needed to be, making sure that they were happy and comfortable and that the work that needed to get done got done. I chatted, entertained, gasped and giggled, ran up & down stairs, handed out coffees and consolation, shot out some emails and phone calls in between and went home pretty close to ecstatic (like on the tour, a random compliment was the cherry on top: a cherubic little boy asked me if I "was a model". Little fella, you are a misguided fool who clearly lives in a magazine free house. But if I could have put you on a bun and eaten you up, I would have). I've always known I prefer well-rounded tightly planned projects over a gurgling routine, but it's interesting to see it confirmed. Give me name lists, time schedules, information sheets and a smile or two and I've got all my heart desires.


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