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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Da City

I think that in Flanders, Antwerp has a similar status to NY in the US or Toronto in Canada. Those who live there swear by it, everyone else thinks they need to get over themselves. The fact that Antwerp refers to itself as "'t Stad" or "The City" says it all, no? But in all fairness, it is a pretty cool place. It holds less appeal for me than say, Brussels, but it does have a lot going on eventwise. I've been spending a lot of my summer days there - just last weekend I hit up Jazz Middelheim, I was there last night for a wedding and today to hit the shops, I'll be there again for Cultuurmarkt tomorrow, a press conference on Wednesday and once more for Zuiderzinnen in September.

I've started carrying my camera around more and was able to take some shots of the new central train station - pretty & pretty futuristic.


Anonymous ZMFH said...

Technically, 't Stad cannot be translated as The City. It would be It City or something else that does not exist, but it is an excellent way of uniting people. Tene quod bene. 13 forever.

9:22 AM  

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