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Monday, July 16, 2007

Give me sum

It's been a long time coming, but summer's finally creeping around the corner and throwing my neck of the woods a bone. All it took to get ready yesterday morning(s) was a sun dress and some flip flops, no need to bother with layering, straightening, covering, blushing or brushing. Even though my days are spent at the office, or maybe exactly thanks to that fact, I'm making the most of my nights & weekends. Watching bands on stage with my feet in the grass, flipping through extra thin newspapers with no supplements til September, building a sand castle surrounded by a shark infested moat, showing an ecstatic 2-year old the joys of a waterhose on a hot day, stacks of plastic beer cups, brides & grooms walking out of City Hall, looking up at the lanterns swaying over a chilled out street party, sitting out on a patio with some wine, knowing he'll spontaneously hand me his sweater when the early morning chill finally sets in. I'm living the traveling adventure by proxy, reading friends' emails and tasting the exotic thrills through their stories. And for now, that does the trick just fine.


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