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Friday, July 20, 2007

Felices y comieron perdices

Hardcore cynics - you know who you are, it's a big part of why we're friends - who think life ends after the "I do" part, take a look at this: Lieve and James, who married last summer, are embarking on a South American adventure in Ecuador. They'll be working with a non-profit organisation called IntiSisa and will be keeping a blog. I started my Canada blog a few months prior to take-off too, so I'm cool posting the link a bit early:
For those who are impatient for Far Away Adventures - and can read Flemish - a group of TV Brussels reporters is driving 11000 kilometres, all the way to Beijing in 5 weeks' time. They're keeping people back home in the know via
They're hoping to come out of this
* alive
* with an excellent travel documentary under their belt
* able to donate the cars & a hefty sum to charity
Sometimes I think the surest way to happiness is climbing up a hill. On the steep side. "Simple" is not a bad word, au contraire. It's "easy" you want to look out for. If you see it heading toward you, do a quick shoulder check left & right and get your ass to the other side of the street.


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