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Friday, July 20, 2007

Feast your eyes

After having passed a nuit blanche, I sleepwalked myself through the day yesterday. I think I may have been a wee bit hungover too, reading made me spontaneously nauseous. So instead of checking my regular pit stops yesterday, I spent some more time on the photo blogs (I know, isn't my job stressful? I may need to start considering vitamin supplements). They continue to stun me. Check out:
- (local prodigies) - recently a spin-off came into being for the Antwerp region. Both of these are very much about celebrating the beauty and sometimes absurdity of the day-to-day urban environment.
- (Downtown Toronto throughout the seasons, with some travel pics from Europe)
- (pics found on the street, hidden in old pieces of furniture or left in library books, a treat for the melancholic soul)
If you're more of a moving-images kinda fella or gal, I recommend coming down to the botanical garden this weekend for one of three previously discussed movies. It may not be dry, but it's sure to be cosy.


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