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Monday, March 26, 2007

New horizons

I start another (unpaid) internship next week and I can't wait. Not that I underestimate the many benefits of being a student, but...been there, done that. Today I had two classes, both of which I was late too (I missed over an hour of the first one, and 15 minutes of the second one) and one of which I briefly dozed off in. Now, to most people that hardly counts as badass, but let me assure you that a couple of years ago, that would have been unthinkable in the world of Sofie. So I think it's safe to say I'm "over" the student thing and ready for the next phase. So many of my friends are out doing awesome things - travel, work & other - and in a sense, I feel like I'm walking behind someone slow. I'm not standing still or moving backward, but I keep wanting things to speed up.

To be perfectly honest, the dozing off today had a lot to do with not sleeping at all Saturday night. I went out to a club with 6 other girls & by the time I came home it was already 8. I hate wasting my day, not much of a late sleeper, so I figured I might as well make some coffee, have breakfast & keep on keeping on. My head kept pounding for about 17 hours after we left from all the cheap Euro techno beats, but all in all, it was good times. The ridiculously tall bouncers, the Ibiza style dancers and their silver pants and leather corsets, the drag queens, the mullets. We were supposedly there to "check it out", "see what it's like" and carry out a sociological study of Flemish club folk. With awards for pulling a guy with a moustache, having your drink spiked or causing a brawl.

I'm pretty sure we all secretly had a blast though - and that we secretly liked our gaudy outfits & plastic jewelry. I mean, how many girls choose "slutty" as their Halloween outfit? It's amazing what the excuse "this is just a costume" unleashes in people. As soon as you can hide behind "This isn't the real me" you become immune to all personal criticism that would otherwise hit a nerve. I hope can take away a slice of that attitude beyond just this weekend, it'd do me good.


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