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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Babies squared

It's been a big week for babies in my family. One of my cousins gave birth to a healthy baby boy & my nephew Lars officially entered The Terrible Twos Territory.

Lars went skiing with his & my parents last week. He's come back from Austria a changed man. Not only does he say "Danke" now instead of "Danku", he also refuses to drink from his sippy cup without having "cheered". He'll hold the cup in the air and insist everyone around the table lift their glass too. I was just going to get him a picture book or a stuffed animal, but judging from his new love of apr├Ęs ski rituals, maybe I should go for shot glasses instead?


Blogger al said...

I like him already!

6:33 PM  
Anonymous marieke said...

ik ben benieuwd of ik ook van mn idee afgeraak dat babies bacteriehaarden zijn. misschien helpt het kindje van mijn zus wel (en ja, ik vind die dikke buik niet meer zo vies maar wel een beetje fascinerend).

keep an eye on that lars!

9:24 PM  

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