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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Learning to love you more

I'm big on people, on pictures, on scrapbooking, on words & on randomness. Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon The idea is to give people random assignments, mostly with a self-reflexive, stop-and-smell-the-roses edge, and have them send in the results. Some things are pretty lame, most are pretty self-involved but there's some gems there too. Here are some that I liked:

Assignment #10: "Make a flier of your day"

Assignment #18: "Recreate a poster you had as a teenager" - Marcia Carmen

What a wicked poster! I remember how shocked my mom was the day I took down all my kittens and puppies posters and replaced them with the likes of Will Smith and the actor who played the older brother on "Boy Meets World", hehe.

Assignment #39: "Take a picture of your parents kissing"

Looking through these, I was surprised at how unattractive most middle aged people are and how many of them clearly feel very awkward making out in front of a camera. Why is it that younger people have no problem hamming it up and making fools of themselves? How can you look so uncomfortable embracing someone you've lived with for over 20 years? Is it the camera? The love-on-demand? A generational thing?

Assignment #55: "Photograph a significant outfit".

"What I was wearing when I saw him with his new girlfriend (and got sick because I drank too much)." - Julia. I don't think I have such a strong memory for outfits, but I thought it was such a recognizable situation. Part deux of the break up: seeing them with somebody else. Happily. Ugh. Pass the bottle!

Assignment #63: "Make an encouraging banner"

Sappy? Cheesy? Maybe. But doesn't this sum up the feeling & reassurance we all crave? Come on, be honest.


Blogger bunny gamer said...

Sweet! I Googled my name and this came up. Glad you liked my geeky poster. (:

- Marcia

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