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Monday, July 03, 2006


My friend Thomas stumbled upon an album (three, actually) called "69 Love Songs" by The Magnetic Fields. The mastermind behind the collection is Stephin Merritt, who said "69 Love Songs is not remotely an album about love. It's an album about love songs, which are very far away from anything to do with love." I didn't go nuts for the melodies, but some of the lyrics are pretty great. Whether they're of the euphoric "You're amazing" or bitter "Why did you do that to me" variety, they all ring true, cause we've all been there, felt that.

Song 1 on Volume 1 "Absolutely Cuckoo"

Don't fall in love with me yet
We only recently met
True I'm in love with you but
you might decide I'm a nut
Give me a week or two to
go absolutely cuckoo
then, when you see your error,
then, you can flee in terror
like everybody else does
I only tell you this cause
I'm easy to get rid of
but not if you fall in love
Know now that I'm on the make
and if you make a mistake
my heart will certainly break
I'll have to jump in a lake
and all my friends will blame you
There's no telling what they'll do
It's only fair to tell you
I'm absolutely cuckoo

Song 2 on Volume 2 "Love is Like Jazz"

(The only requirement, when playing this song, is that you wear sunglasses)

Love is like jazz
You make it up as you go along
and you act as
if you really knew the song
but you don't
and you never will
so you flaunt your mistakes
and you make them until
they were you
Love is like jazz
the same song a million times
in different ways
"Strange Fruit" with
and without wind chimes
It's divine
It's asinine
It's depressing
and it's almost entirely
window dressing
but it'll do

Song 17 on Volume 3 "Two Kinds of People"

There are two kinds of people:
a) my love and I
b) other
two kinds of people:
1) the gray
and 2) me and my lover
All people fall into two camps
that ever twain shall be:
those lost in darkness without lamps,
and then,
my love and me...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

quite the coincidence since i have been listening to this very album as well.

i was just talking to a friend about how morrissey and merritt should get married, because they were meant for each other.


9:30 PM  
Anonymous Mike De Rose said...

Reading these lyrics I feel the overwhelming urge to yell 'poetaster!' I have refrained though. I'd like to take this opportunity to say internationally that I love Sofie and I miss her and all you Belgians had better appreciate her because my girlfriend was CRYING this past weekend about how she misses Sofie and I do too and that's why this sentence is so LONG.

Love ya Sof, and you're missed by your friends in the land of the BEAVER!!

2:32 AM  

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